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Our Company Profile
The Celera Pharma Pvt. Ltd. are driven by its mission to improve the quality of life and well-being, continuous pursuit of excellence, and by offering innovative medicines, quality generics and consumer health products, delivered by highly empowered professionals who conduct business ethically, in partnership with the medical community.

Celera Pharma Pvt. Ltd is confined by the principles of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

We satisfy our end-users’ and customers’ needs by providing highly effective healthcare & consumer products and by ensuring efficient service..

We strongly hold the position in consumer health and in strengthening the development of its generic product range.
celera pharma pvt. ltd

Our Vision
To be a world class company adhering to international quality standards thereby making Celera Pharma products and services a by-word in the pharmaceutical industry.

To market pharmaceutical products through licensing and/or supply agreements with national companies with comprehensive, integrated service.
Our Mission
celera pharma pvt. ltd

Content for class "imgright" Goes Here To enhance the delivery of primary health care services by providing high quality medicines and pharmaceutical products. To be a partner in nation building by being a responsible business enterprise.

We fervently endeavor to share our resources with areas in need towards the continuous fulfillment of our civic and patriotic commitment. We take care of our business partners by fulfilling our obligations and honoring our commitments.


  1. Going out of the comfort zone, embracing and managing meaningful change
  2. Boldness, results-driven, internally and externally oriented
  3. Commitment to the passionate pursuit of learning and continuous personal and professional development
  4. A strong performance ethic fueled by innovation and  resulting in maximum enterprise growth


  1. Valuing our people as our best assets
  2. Respecting and harnessing the uniqueness and diverse abilities of each individual
  3. Trusting and developing people to make decisions and deliver desired results with accountability
  4. Leveraging the power of aligned teams, to learn and perform/move/act with urgency, and to deliver better results
  5. Providing fun, rewarding and fulfilling work towards the achievement of our shared mission and vision


  1. Respect for life
  2. Love for people and country; commitment to the attainment of the common good
  3. Building and fostering healthy and sustainable communities and environments